"Labour Market Indicators" is a system of labour market information that integrates and visualizes the information on employment, unemployment and wage rates in the Republic of Croatia.

The illustrations on these pages are based on official statistics published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (employment and wages) and the Croatian Employment Service (registered unemployment). The shown values refers to administrative measured employment and unemployment, based on data arisen from the legal framework of the labour market in the Republic of Croatia, and as such values are not directly comparable nor completely consistent with the data on employment and unemployment obtained by the Labour Force Survey, which follows the methodology of the International Labour Organization and serves as a source for international comparisons. Data on Labour Force Survey can be found on the website of Eurostat and the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

"Labour Market Indicators" multiple overviews of the labour market at national and county level and at the level of individual activities, as well as the comparison of certain occupations or activities.

Portal has been developed as part of the "CES Services to Clients: Improving Lifelong Career Guidance and ICT support" by the Croatian Employment Service conducted under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) "Human Resources Development" programme. The project involved a number of institutions, with the most important roles played by the Croatian Employment Service and the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.
Description Total Females Period
Total population 4.284.889 2.218.554 2011.
Labour force 1.377.826 654.991 2017.
Employed 1.365.417 648.041 2017.
Unemployed 12.409 6.950 2018.
Average monthly net wage (HRK) 5.478 - 2012.
Average monthly gross wage (HRK) 7.875 - 2012.
Unemployment rate (%) 12,70 14,60 2017.
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